About us


Foundation of BRICQ.

  • In which field of activity? Manufacturing of woolen textiles for slippers, bed-blankets and paper machine felts.
    1910: Beginning of the woven transmission belt activity, time when the industrial textile division started.
    1936: BRICQ started to manufacture corrugator belts.
  • In which markets? Corrugated board packaging companies, tire manufacturers, cement industry, aluminum industry.
  • In which countries? France and European countries.


BRICQ is one of the world leaders in its activities.

  • In which fields of activities?Heavy technical textiles, corrugator belts and other belts for industrial and military applications.
  • In which markets? Corrugated board packaging companies, tire manufacturers, aluminum industry, military airports, fiber cement industry and various other fields of activities.
  • In which countries? More than 70 countries on all continents.
  • With which resources?
    – Technical training of our commercial representatives.
    – International network of agents and distributors.
    – 3 BRICQ technicians for after sales service.
    – Local technicians in several countries.

Our strength

For more than a century, we have been the reliable partner for strategic industries.
We set market standards all around the world.
Trust and confidence are the cornerstone in the relationship with our customers:

  • Confidence in the reliability of our systems, components and services.
  • Faith in future and confidence to be active for many years in the market.

We are permanently investing in research, human resources and means of production.
Our company is EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and engage in an environmental approach.

Our priorities

Satisfaction of our customers by establishing long-term relationships.
Delivery of quality products.
Reliabilities of the promised delivery times.
Technical support.
Immediate reaction.

Le développement ne sera possible que par l’association de l’ensemble de nos équipes à un projet d’avenir commun, car notre histoire démontre qu’il est possible d’associer croissance et performances réelles dans une ambiance de travail saine et sincère, sans démagogie et dans le respect de l’environnement.