Value added

BRICQ SAS is one of the world leaders in the production of heavy industrial technical textiles. We are present in over 60 countries throughout more than thirty representation and distribution agencies. Over 70% of our production is exported outside of France in the 5 continents.

BRICQ SAS bets on modernization and continuous improvement since its creation in 1891, with the aim of meeting our clients’ expectation of care and service, and adopting solutions to meet every need.

Continuous improvement of all business processes is provided by our contact with clients and their feedback. The information obtained is incorporated to developmental processes, whether they are new qualities, launching innovative products or the precision of new applications of its raw material.

BRICQ SAS, who began their specialization in the world of great public products and corrugated cardboard packaging producing blankets for corrugating, has diversified its presence in the industrial scope through the launching of textiles for very different applications. These are wide applications in such diverse sectors as the mining industry, industrial machinery, ancillary industries, the tire industry, aerospace and others.

Thus, integrated lifelong learning and continuing investment in staff and media as well as our laboratory, lead to a process of innovation that is also able to establish the best product / quality / price and excellent service relationship in the market. Our installations of 17 000 m² are composed of the most modern and best equipment production of technical textiles.

Our dynamic team is convinced that our best reflection is the market and our clients.