Quality and Environmental Policy

Dear Customer,

Our Company was born a long time ago, but does not forget its past and its traditions. Today, we are working on worldwide markets, in more than 60 countries, and we continuously adapt our procedures to meet the market expectations.

The term « quality » is too often used as a comparison with the others actors on our markets. For us, it defines the constancy in producing and delivering as per terms and delivery times granted, a product corresponding to our customer’s needs and expectations.

This term, often diverted from its real aim for commercial purposes, does not mean in any case, that if we adopt a Quality Policy, we will be better than our competitors. We all work on quality but at different levels and with different motivations. A Quality Manual is not a file, stored in a cupboard, and dusted off for an audit. The Manual only has a reason to be if the procedures are consistent with a necessary reactivity, and if they are continuously used and improved.

BRICQ S.A.S. clearly makes the difference between the quality procedure in its processes, and the commercial and advertising sides, without real foundation

– Quality means constancy in our working methods, and in the respect of every controls allowing us to keep our level. The penalty in case of non-respect results in the increase of non-conformities, and all related direct and indirect costs.
– Commerce is our capacity in always offering the best possible ratio product/quality/price/service. The penalty in case of bad ratio is the loss of market shares.

For BRICQ, improving quality does not only mean improving its products. It also means improving working methods allowing us to reach the best liability level, with production constancy.

For BRICQ, the improvement of quality really goes through continuous improvement, training, common sense, permanent investment in staff and resources, and with creativity giving rise to creation leading to innovation.

For us, Quality also means quality of life, which leads in a deep respect of human beings and of environment. Environment is part of our priorities. As for safety, it is a permanent concern. This is why BRICQ decided to implement an Environment Policy, in compliance with ISO 14001

Our commitment aims at being in accordance towards the legislation and with the regulations in force, at improving our environmental performances in a continuous way. We watch over quite particularly through the various current projects to improve the conditions of work and safety, as well as to protect our planet for the future generations. All our actions attempt to answer the legal and statutory requirements. Being already classified ICPE (Ruling N° 2011 364-004), BRICQ pays a particular attention on the specific requirements of the order.

We wish to show, by our approach, that it is possible to be an Industry and make profits, which are the reason for being of any Company, while taking care of our Employees and the environment, not only to respect law, but also by personal convictions.

Yesterday, we wrote what we were doing, today, we make what we wrote, and we are continuously improving so that tomorrow, what is written is perfectly adapted to market expectations and respect of the World.

The constant questionning, self-criticism and curiosity are fundamentals to which we attach a big importance to enhance reliability of our production processes and to adapt our answers and analysis to our Customer’s needs.

We commit ourselves, in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, to respect this quality policy for products, human and environmental, with the cooperation of all our Collaborators through their dynamism, positivity, constructive criticism and eco-responsible attitude.

To bring to a successful conclusion this quality policy, I define for BRICQ SAS the following 2 objectives:
– The decrease of the direct and indirect costs bound to non-compliances
– Satisfy our customers by proposing them the best ratio Quality/Price/Services, and so improve our image to consolidate our leader’s place on the world market.

Also, we have to watch to control the significant environmental impacts:
– Apply the legislative and statutory prescriptions,
– Study and implement any technology decreasing the consumption in energy and natural resources,
– Value waste by a sorting to the source and decrease their quantity in it,
– Estimate the environmental impact before beginning any new activity,
– Set up procedures allowing to prevent any pollution of the natural environment.

The Quality and Environment Manager represents myself toward the internal and external partners for all the questions concerning Quality and Environment. I give him all authority to :
– Make sure that the Quality and Environment Management System, as recorded in our Quality Manual, is operated and maintained
– Report to me of its functioning and all possible improvement
– Encourage the sensitization to the requirements of our Customers and to the reality of our markets, as well as environmental requirements, at every level of BRICQ. S.A.S.

Yours truly.

March, 23rd 2016
Philippe C. RAMIREZ